GM Online Group, founded in 2011, is an enterprise with diverse business interests and thrive to provide global standards of strategic business solutions to leading organisations through it’s multiple business verticals

One Click and Multiple Solutions

GM Online Group was incorporated with a view to provide the multiple solutions to our customers and started with Human Resources & Payroll Services in first stage. The group has one of the fast growing media company in India. We follow a unique business model of creating empowered verticals that enjoy the best of entrepreneurial independence and group-wide synergies. Our federated structure enables each vertical to chart its own future and simultaneously leverage synergies across the entire Group’s competencies. In this way, the diversity of our expertise allows us to bring our customers the best in many fields. GM Online Group innovate the new ideas to serve our customers and grow the business similarly. GM Online Group is committed to follow the best business practice and standard ethics to serve our customers. Group has a potential to set the new mark of the business satisfaction and meet the excellency of the services delivered.   

Our business verticals

The group operates in three businesses across the country, with a mission to improve the quality of our product and services through long-term stakeholder value creation based on leadership with trust

media & Production

GM Online Media is predominantly focused on creating brand value centric thematic properties having holistic media outreach through television, print, digital and activations


With excellence in Human Resources and Payroll services, GM Online HR is one of the progressing independent service partners that enjoys a vast reputation built on trust


We deal in apparels and fashion accessories too. We are in manufacturing, trading and retail, as well as we have our own apparel’s brand under this business vertical


Our group has six companies in three business category and each company or enterprises operates independently under the supervision of it’s own board of directors

Operate in Media, Human Resource Services and Apparels 

GM Online Group was founded to serve with online payroll software in the year of 2011, headquartered in the capital of India, comprising in five companies in three verticals. First company of the group, GM Online Private Limited was incorporated to provide online payroll software and other HRMS functions. Later, we came with some additional services of payroll management, manpower outsourcing, staffing and skill development of  human resource domain only.  


Our group is in providing multiple and complete solutions under each of it’s business category. Our unique methods and past experiences make us better than other market player 


Our numerous and broad services help to manage the maximum needs of customers. Further, we ensure to maintain our quality for all of our services and products.


We offer the customisation to fill the whole requirements which make us one step forward to meet the satisfaction of our customers and in growth of our group. 


We believe that the prompt support is very necessary to maintain the business growth hence we are focused to resolved the issue with in a defined time frame always.


Our flexible attitude allow us to make arrangement about working condition of our customers. This help us to maintain the balance and improve our productivity.


GM Online Group continues to maintain an energetic and potential manpower with the help of consistent and meritocratic culture, where purpose driven talent is engaged and awarded in our group growth 

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